ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode

BGP - Border Gateway Protocol

DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DLCI - Data-Link Connection Identifier

DNS - Domain Name System

DVMRP - Distant Vector Multicast Routing Protocol

EGP - Exterior Gateway Protocol

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

IGMP - Internet Group Management Protocol

IP - Internet Protocol

LANE - LAN Emulation

MAC - Media Access Control

MPOA - Multi-Protocol Over ATM

OSI - Open System Interconnection

OSPF - Open Shortest Path First Protocol

PIM - Protocol-Independent Multicast

QoS - Quality of Service

RIP - Routing Information Protocol

RIP/SAP - RIP/Service Access Point

RSVP - Resource ReSerVation Protocol

SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol

TCP - Transmission Control Protocol

TTL - Time To Live

UDP - User Datagram Protocol

VCI - Virtual Channel Identifier

VPI - Virtual Path Identifier

WFQ - Weighted Fair Queuing



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