Deploying NGN Services

Next-generation communications solutions are built with open, flexible, standards-based building blocks. The reasons are clearwith open solutions, there's no need to start from scratch to add next-generation, voice-enabled e-Business services. Using modular building blocks makes it easy and affordable to add new features, services, and value to existing systems. It all adds up to powerful, affordable solutions that protect yourand your customers'investments.

The NGN begins with media servers, which provide advanced media-processing capabilities. The value of a media server is its flexibility for supporting advanced media processing services like basic voice announcements, interactive voice response (IVR), conferencing, messaging, text-to-speech (TTS), and speech recognition. Built with open, standard computing and voice-processing boards, media servers can be deployed many ways. For example, a voice portal platform is a media server that provides a speech-driven user interface with simple speech recognition and TTS capabilities, providing voice-client access to Internet content, messages, or both.

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